English Nederlands


Our beautiful farm is situated just outside of the village of Borkel & Schaft, bordering the National Park Hageven-Plateaux (very close to the border of Holland and Belgium).
The setting is wonderfully peaceful; a small hamlet of less than six farmhouses, a short walk from the river ‘ De Dommel’. The neighboring farmlands were ‘given back’ to nature which means that birds, deer, foxes and rabbits can freely wonder around. A tractor passing by or a Belgium postman could be the only factors that might disturb peace.
From the holiday home you could cycle to for example Borkel & Schaft, Bergeijk and the Belgium village Achel. Large towns in the neighborhood are Eindhoven and Hasselt. The area is known for its many beautiful cycling and walking routes.

Getting there:

Eindhoven Airport (Ryanair) is less than 20 km away. From Amsterdam, Brussels and Antwerp it would take roughly around a one-hour drive.

Information or reservations